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A £100 non refundable deposit is required within 24 Hours of booking The Mobile Party. If the Deposit is not paid, the booking will be cancelled and we may take another booking

An extention maybe granted under extreme conditions. We may allow a 5 day extension for example if you book on a Sunday we will grant an extension until 00:00 Friday morning. Failure to pay will mean your booking will become void and does not affect your statutory rights.

We may waver the fee on extreme Occassions, however this still forms part of your commitment and you still adhere to our Full Terms & Conditions.
If your paying by installments, this must be cleared 48 hours before the event. 
If you are paying your final bill on the night, this must be settled before the first song is played.

Price Increases are common, if you haven’t paid a deposit within the 24 hours time period and the price increases, you will automatically be placed on the new price system as we can not revert it back to previous prices. This is for all contracted clients including venue package inclusions and corporate clients.


Payments must be paid in full before your party starts. We run a system called “No Pay, No Play” which means we reserve the right to to with hold playing music until payment has been received. If you are mobile banking and you transfer monies owed across, please remember this can take up to 48 hours to be processed by your bank and ours. Please ensure you settle your account before the night starts.

We Accept The Following:

All Major Credit and Debit Cards With An Exclusion To Amex (American Express) & Diners Cards.


Venues and Sub Contractors

The Mobile Party may be able tp waver the above payment terms for established venues and ones we have worked with before and this is extended to us covering other DJ Companies that we have previously been hired for. Our payment terms extend to 14 days which include weekends and public holidays. You must ensure your payment on your account has been settled within the 14 day term to avoid any additional costs, for example follow up costs and admin costs. 


If the Venue or Sub Contractors fail to pay within our terms an agreement must be in place with us which has to be written and not verbal. If payment is not received within 60 days we will apply for a CCJ against you, costs recovered by a high sheriff enforcement officer via a writ from the county courts and additional costs will be incurred which includes damages to our business.


It is your sole responsibility to check of the venue charges a fee to bring an external DJ in to supply your night entertainment. If there is a charge, The Mobile Party or it’s DJs will NOT be responsible for that charge. This is down to you ‘The Client’ to ensure this has been paid. The Mobile Party or it’s DJs have the right to a copy of the receipt. The fee for an external DJ by the venue will not be deducted from the price of your entertainment service supplied by by us ‘The Mobile Party’. 

Follow Up Message or Call: £10 
Late Payment Fee: £25
Admin Cost: £15


Minimum Standard Disco: £50 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours.
Minimum Standard Wedding Disco: £70 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours.

Steps & Long Walk Ways (More Than 30 Years From Loading): This fee covers stairs that consist of 3 or more steps. This is to cover heavy lifting up and down stairways which will take is additional time. For venues that have stairs a we have to go up or down we will charge £40 which covers 1 hour of our time. This is regardless of any lifts available within the venue too.

If the venue books our service then the venue is our client and not the guests client which responsibilities rely on the venue.
If a customer books us then the customer is our client for entertainment only.


With systems becoming more high tech we expect a a few issues to arise from time to time. Although these are not common, we still have to prepare for such eventualities. We allow system failure / music outages for a maximum of 10 minutes, this can only happen once within an event. We have a back up system ready incase such issue arises which means that the music is instantly back on but, it may not be the same song playing. We wouldn’t expect the music to be off for any more than 5 minutes. But, due to systems we may face up to a 10 minute outage as an extreme measure.  


Any damages caused to our equipment by you ‘The Client’ or Venue or your guests will be charged for at the full retail price plus VAT and delivery. We will not attempt to repair or have the item repaired as this can lead to issues in the sound, lighting and to the venue where we draw our electricity from.


Any damaged caused by the customer when booked direct with the venue, we will charge the venue the damanges at full retail price. We will not attempt to claim from our insurers as we have to to pay excess towards the claim and our premiums will go up.

Any damages to the venue cause by you ‘The Client’ or your guests we “The Mobile Party” will not be charged, blamed or costs recovered by us or towards us. The damages is your sole responsibility.
We have the right to claim for damages to any of our equipment on the occasions that we have to leave our equipment on a venues premesis over night ready for the next evening. The venue is taking full responsibility for our equipment and the safe keeping of our equipment from damage and from the venues guests from damaging it. 
If the venue books our service then the venue is our client and not the guests client which responsibilities rely on the venue. Any damage caused by the venues client to our equipment, we will chase the venue for costs for new items from the
damage sustained by the venues client. 

If a customer books us then the customer is our client for entertainment only. We will chase the customer for costs if our items are damaged by their guests or by the client themselves. 

If the customer is from a DJ company which have hired us to perform on their behalf, we will chase the DJ company for costs due to damage by their customer.
Damages to our equipment also extends to our vehicles. CCTV MUST be recorded and surrendered to us “The Mobile Party” instantly. This term is regardless of you, guests or venue who are at fault. The sign that states within venues “Vehicles or Parking is at your own risk and the venue will take no responsibility for any damage” is null and void unless we have signed a contract stating this information. 




On the event of fake feedback we will ask for your booking reference number publicly and your invoice too. Before you leave fake feedback on our social service please note we will prosecute for fraud and claim damages made to our reputation. We have highly a trained fraud manager which can track you direct to your door as you would of left a digital footprint which you can not delete. We will inform the local authorities and push for the maximum penalty possible. Think before you fake!


Once booked you may not be able cancel the booking after your 24 hour cool off period. You have 24 hours after the confirmation sent to cancel, This is called a cooling off period. This is due to the nature of our business and a standard practice for the industry as we may of been able to book another client in for that date and we may loose that booking. Confirmation is either email, text or via social messengers.
If you do cancel, your deposit will not be refunded regardless of days, months or years notice.
Any cancelled orders 12 weeks before your event must be paid in full.
On an event of a refund, you must write in to us at the address on our contact us page. We will then assess the refund request and respond within 14 working days.


Premium Nights are classified as special dates through the year.
The Below Are Charged At Premium Rates:
New Years Eve (NYE)
New Years Day
Christmas Inc Boxing Day
Mobile Discos – We charge a flat rate from 19:30 to 01:00 at £500 for Small Rig – £650 for Big Rig and £80 per hour after such time.
Photo Booths – We Charge a flat rate for 2 hours at £300 for Standard and £550 for unlimited visits for 4 hours and £50 per hour after such time.


We take fire prevention very seriously as this is a massive risk factor. We ensure we obay strict loading limits on our electricity feed and ensure no coiled cables are left. We also carry approved Co2 (Black Label) fire extinguishers in case the
worst case incident arise. We do have a 100% safety record, this is a precaution should anything happen. We are insurance for £10 Million under our Public Liability Insurance known as PLI. This is available upon request.
We provide a DJ booth to place cables out of harms way and out of reach so members of the public can not spill liquids on the cables and sockets. Spillages on the cables and sockets may cause a risk to life or cause a fire in addition to this, it could also damage our equipment and the venue. 


Sound Limiters are becoming more and more popular in venues. This limits how much noise is produced. If the DJ is playing too loud or the crowd are cheering too loud or making too much noise the lights on the Sound Limiter moved from green to amber then to red. Once it hits red, power is cut to the DJ automatically which could damage our equipment or stop the music all together. As a Mobile Party Provider we would have to plug all of out equipment in to the sound limiter sockets and if the music is cut, this could spoil the night. It’s up to the client to check if this is in place before the night.


We will send you a text or email confirmation. This will come from a sender called TMP. Please check all information is correct as this is quite important. If you find there are errors or anything needs adjusting please let us know asap. Email us – please include your reference number so we can locate your account. Please note any text from us is free of charge, you will NOT be billed by your network provider.

Confirmation can be either email, text or via social messengers and NOT verbal


We will not sell or pass on your details to third parties or other companies. The only exception under this claws of the DPA is if you ask us to find a reliable Mobile DJ Provider if we are unavailable within our network list. We will screen each person until we feel the right Provider can fill your needs. We will only ask for your name, phone number, venue location and budget. Any personal information will not be asked. We will never email, call or text you asking for personal details or for credit / debit card information. We require you to call us so you can confirm it’s a trusted number.
We will never call you or message you asking for your personal details or paymemt details as we will always provide you with ours.


If you have special requests for music that is out of the ordinary, we require 1 week notice so your DJ can legally obtain and purchase the chosen music for your entertainment.
If you have a special list you want playing, please present this to us a minimum of 1 week before your event.
The Mobile Party do not file share, all music is obtained and purchased legally. We also ensure the artists are paid per song we play.
We can provide remote song requests live to the DJ booth. This will mean logging on to a link provided on the night so guests can request a song live through their Mobile Internet.



We reserve the right to cease the performance on the night if the below takes place:
Equipment Damage By Guests
Bodily Fluid Propulsion  (Spitting)
Objects Thrown At DJ or Equipment
Verbal Abuse
Threats Towards The DJ
Drinks Thrown Over The DJ or Equipment
Theft of Equipment or Items
Daisy Chaining Off Our Equipment
Unauthorised Usage of Our Equipment
Riots Breaking Out or Mass Fighting
Tampering With Our Equipment
Blocking The DJ With Objects
If The Venue Charges The DJ To Be There, You (The Client / Customer) Are Responsible For Such Charge.



The venue must be covered by by a BMi licence or an MCPS PRS Music licence as this ensures the artists get paid when their music is played. If the venue doesn’t have this and any Mobile DJ Provider plays any form of song, the venue, DJ and the booking party can receive a massive fine. If they don’t have one, we can arrange for one to be obtained for £90.



The Mobile DJ may provide announcements through the night to inform you of the buffet opening, last orders, special requests or to interact with the guests.
Highly Important information that’s deemed urgent, The DJ will cut the music and speak on the microphone. Such incidents like:
Fire Evacuation and Fire Routes
Bomb Scares and What To Do
Medical Emergencies
Police Drug Searches
This will assist in providing clear and calm information over to your guests.


Photo Booth / Party Booth

The photo booth is hired out with a booth assistant ready to snap and print your photos. The size of the booth is 2.5Mx2.5Mx2.5M with LED and inflator built in.
Photo Booth Standard – Photo Booth with pay per photo. Additional prints bought at the same time are discounted. The first photo is full price. £2 For The First Photo And £1 For Additional Photos.
Photo Booth Unlimited – 4 Hours of unlimited visits to the photo booth with 2 photos per visit. After the 2 hours this will be charged at the pay per photo price or to keep the unlimited longer, we will charge £40 per hour. Any Additional Prints Will Be Charged At £2 Per Photo With Additional Photos Of The Original Printed At £1.
Photo Booth Unlimited Premium – Unlimited Visits All Night With 2 Prints Per Person. Any Additional Prints Will Be Charged At £3 Per Photo With Additional Photos Of The Original Printed At £1.
All photo booth options are inclusive of props which are to remain in the booth.

Any missing props will be charged in full.

Any damage caused by you or your guests will be charged in full. 




Love letters are booked out at a daily fee. your 12 hour times will commence from the moment we place electric in to the final letter. We will place the letters in an area of your choice. You are not permitted to move, lift sit or stand on these. They will all come with anti tilt however this will only take a small force and pushing / leaning or sitting on the letters may make them tilt and fall. Any damages caused to our love letters will be charged as these are hand made and we have the right to charge for a full set of letters if damage is sustained to them. If you tilt these, sit or stand on these and some one becomes injured you will be void of claims and insurance payouts as we have covered this claws above. This is your responsibility to ensure you are taking safety measures to prevent injury. Children must be supervised around them at all times. Pictures will be taken of the letters on the day to show position, safety stands in place and for any pre existing damage.

Wedding Owls

All of our owl services come with an experienced handler / falconer which have over 15 years experience and supervises all contact with the owls and instructs on safe handling processes. Our owls are handled daily and they are also use for educational talks and displays. 

We allow handling of our display owls for your photos, videos and guests. All handling is done with a falconry glove and we provide antibacterial liquid hand soap. The owls are transported in a black out falconry box suited to their size and species. We ensure the safety of you and the owls are at the highest.

We try to discourage the stroking of the owls as best we can. 

We can not travel for more than 8 hours in one single day due to DEFRA regulations and we are bound to our transport license which we adhere to. Our support vehicle must be close to the owls incase an owl is sick, injured or becomes distressed. You are not permitted to attempt or feed our owls as we provide the correct diet and food for them.

The maximum length we can stay is 3 hours, this is all dependent of your booking request.

The two options we offer are:

Static – Which we provide a corporate gazebo with barriers and a selection of 3 to 4 owls.

Static Plus – We provide a 13ft exibition trailer with a selection of 9 owls where 6 you will be able to hold.

Photo Option – We provide a selection of 2 owls which you and your partner can have your photos or videos taken with our owls, We also allow the guests to handle the owls too.


Our website and communication comply with the EU legislation GDPR. 


We may place safe cookies within your Web Browser to save us as a favourite in your favourites tab. This is also known as a bookmark. 

If you have login details with us, your Web Browser may ask of you wish to save the information to allow a speedy login or to help you login of you have forgotten your username and password.

Other information like payment details maybe saved in your Web Browser so you can pay for things off our site electronically. **Don’t Worry, We Can Not See Your Payment Details And We Can Not Access Them**

Your I.P address will be logged to prevent fraud and cyber attacks. Our security company who monitor this site 24/7 – 365 to ensure you are safe constantly look for known I.Ps and scan our pages to ensure nothing harmful has been placed on our servers. They also monitor guests in real time and see exactly what people are accessing. Any criminal activities on any of our sites will be recorded and passed to the relevant authorities for prosecution.


It’s reassuring to know if on the doubtful event of anything going wrong on the night due to our error or due to our equipment causes accidental damage to the venue or to our guests that we are covered for up to £10 million Public Liability, £10 Million Employee Liability and £10 Million Public Indemity should such incidence arise. You can find all of our insurance documents here.


Download or View Our Policy

Public Liability Insurance
Employee Insurance
Public Indemnity Insurance


Food Hygiene Certificate

We comply with strict food hygiene regulations to ensure we operate a safe practice.

You can view our food hygiene certificate by clicking the link below.

View Our Food Hygiene Certificate (Level 2) 



The Mobile Party LTD is a registered company in England & Wales Under The Registration of Companies Act 2006.
Our Company Number: 11331408.

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The Mobile Party names belongs to The Mobile Party / TMP & Dream Leisure Entertainment as a trademark within our industry. Any copying or modifications to the name will result in legal action.

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