Sweet Cart And Letter Box







The LED Sweet Cart With LED Letter Box is a very popular service.




The Victorian style LED Sweet Cart comes with a beautiful LED floral Letter Box which adds a beautiful visual and a tasty addition to your wedding. 

The sweet cart comes stocked to cater for up to 100 guests (or depends how many times they go back for more) and has traditional style sweet jars for you and your guests to indulge in. From popular brands and traditional old fashioned sweets we cater for all.

There are many cheap looking sweet carts our there which may seem good value but they look a little bizzar. Ours like all of our services is well built, LED lit, beautiful floral presentation and stocked with trusted sweets handles with heath and hygine in mind.

The Letter Box comes with a floral design and LED lit too, this compliments the sweet cart and your theme of your big day too. The letter box has two sets of keys. One you keep until the end of the night and the 2nd one stays with the DJ so you can keep your cards and valuable items in there securely.

Please feel free to compare our cart with other companies.


Prrices Start At £135